Inspiring Women's Health Through Emotional & Artistic Expression

Our Services

Individual Art Therapy & Counseling


Inspired Art Therapy, INC. offers individual Art Therapy sessions for all Women, and specializes in working with those who:

  • need emotional support & counseling during life transition


  • are facing cancer, chronic illness, and/or terminal illness


  • want to build resilience, learn coping skills, and reduce stress

All sessions:

  • Are about 50 minutes in length
  • Can be scheduled weekly, every other week, or as your schedule permits
  • Require no experience in art
  • Include all necessary supplies, along with support and encouragement

To learn about pricing, insurance, and sliding scale, see our Rates

Medical Art Therapy

Reno Art Therapy Art Therapist Zandi Schlegel  Clinical Supervision Cancer Women online counseling

Inspired Art Therapy, INC. contracts with medical centers to offer inpatient and outpatient Art Therapy services, including:

  • Individual Art Therapy for adult patients
  • Art & Mindfulness groups for adult patients and their family members, which can help participants increase coping skills and resilience, while decreasing stress, anxiety and pain symptoms

No experience in art is required, and all supplies are provided, along with support and encouragement.


Want us to come to your medical center? Contact us to find out more.

Expressive Arts Workshops


Inspired Art Therapy, INC. offers Expressive Arts Workshops for a variety of populations, including, Cancer Patients & Survivors and Women over 60.


There are no ongoing workshops running at this time. Please contact us for more information. 

Online Art Therapy Supervision


Acquire supervision hours from the comfort of your own home! Our supervision is an intensive, self-reflective, arts-based approach. Be ready to dig deep!

Online Art Therapy Supervision:

  • for Art Therapists working toward their ATR
  • can be conducted for individuals and dyads
  • requires a laptop with a camera that can be angled toward your work space

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What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is...

Art Therapy is a healing modality that involves art making, creativity, and counseling with the support of a credentialed Art Therapist, with the goal of overall improved quality of life. 

The beauty of Art Therapy is that it's not about beauty. You do not have to be “good at art” or be a “creative person” to benefit from it.

It's true that making art requires creativity, and it's also true that creativity is a powerful force within each of us. Creativity allows us to CREATE changes in our lives, make meaning of circumstances, and imagine possibilities. Without creativity, we wouldn't be able to use language or daydream or even have hope during tough times. 

We all have the ability, need, and drive to be creative, but some of us have lost touch with this power (dare we say SUPER power?). We can think of creativity as a muscle: the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Creativity is not about being the next Picasso; it’s more about personal power and connecting with our own ability to express ourselves, which can help us problem-solve in our daily challenges, have more fun, and experience fuller, richer lives. Tapping in to our own creativity with Art Therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety, while promoting resilience, personal insight, problem-solving, self-esteem, emotional expression, and life balance. 

It can be helpful to think about creativity and art in relationship to sports. The benefits of art and creativity aren’t meant to be reserved for a few elite gifted professional artists….just like the benefits of athletics and fitness are not meant for just a few gifted professional athletes. 

Another important thing to know about Art Therapy is that even though it involves creating art, it is much more about the process of communicating and expressing, and much less about the art product. AND, since the art in Art Therapy is really only used as a means of communication and expression, AND, since there is no wrong way to express oneself or communicate, then there is no wrong way to make art. 

Art therapy sessions can involve a variety of creative and expressive activities, such as drawing, painting, collaging, doll making, poetry, singing, storytelling, and more. 

At times Art Therapy can be fun and relaxing, and at other times it may stir up painful either case the emotional expression is an important normal/healthy/beneficial part of the healing experience, as we move toward physical, mental, and emotional wellness. 


A Few Ways that Art Therapy Works

Art Therapy engages the brain in healing ways

Our brains are hardwired to solve problems, but in order to be more effective, we need to give our logical minds a chance to go “offline” and rest for a bit. Making art engages areas of the brain that can allow our logical “problem-solving” parts take a break. This means that Art Therapy can help the brain shift gears and access our own stories from a different angle. Art Therapy often surprises clients with “new” information about themselves, and they can come away from Art Therapy sessions with a different depth of understanding of their circumstances and a sense of relief.

Art Therapy provides safety to experiment with creativity

Creativity lives within each of us, but some of us have lost touch with it (or have never felt connected to it). Art Therapy provides safety to experiment with connecting or reconnecting to that creative life force with in each of us. Since it doesn’t matter what the art looks like in Art Therapy, we (at Inspired Art Therapy, INC.) always tell clients that there is no wrong way to make art, and that stick figures totally count as art in this space (this brings a lot of relief to clients who don’t consider themselves “artists”). 

Art Therapy helps access the subconscious mind (the level of awareness that is below the surface)

Symbols and images are the language of our subconscious mind (this is what we experience in our dream time), and using them in therapy can get us “buy-in” from those parts of us that seem to be sabotaging our efforts in change and healing.


Some Benefits of Art Therapy

Art Therapy can help improve mood and decrease perception of pain

Viewing or creating art can release endorphins, which are our bodies’ natural pain killers or “chemicals of comfort”---it often feels good to view interesting art or engage in creative activities.

Art Therapy promote self-discovery and self-esteem

Art Therapy offers the discovery of new talents, abilities, and new ways of viewing ourselves, which can increase self-esteem. This is important because the more self-esteem we have, the more likely we are to make healthy lifestyle choices in regards to our overall health, including choices about food, exercise, and relationships.

Art Therapy helps us make meaning

Art Therapy is a safe and effective way to explore very human concerns such as trauma, illness, meaning, life, death, and purpose.

Art Therapy offers hope

Art Therapy offers clients something to look forward to. Whether it’s meeting with an Art Therapist once a week for creating art and expressing emotions, or it’s learning new ways to create art in a workshop, we cannot over emphasize the importance of having something to look forward to.  Looking forward toward something positive and having hope for something that will lift us out of times of darkness or bleakness—even for a few moments---is very powerful for mind/body/spiritual healing.


Zandi's Rules of Art Therapy

  • There is no wrong way to make art
  • The “art” in Art Therapy does not have to be “good”, “pretty” or “realistic”
  • You do not have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy


For more information on Art Therapy or how to become an Art Therapist, check out the Art Therapy Credentials Board .